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3 Key Components:
Structural Bodywork, Somatic Dialogue, and Movement Education

Structural Bodywork

I work with the fascia, which takes many forms as it weaves throughout the body to create one single continuous structure. The aim of structural bodywork is to organize and orient an individual's fascia towards a balanced, open, aligned state. A body in alignment body improves overall health and function by reducing tensions from compensatory patterns and allowing gravity to act as a source of stability and strength.

Tension, twists, strains, and pains are released through hands-on myofascial manipulation. Structural bodywork is somewhat like deep tissue massage, with clients prompted to engage in slow, directed movements. At times, gentler techniques allow the fascia and nervous system to integrate changes. You and I will work together to align your fascial network and dissolve restrictions to help facilitate your body's ability to feel better naturally. 

Somatic Dialogue

Our bodies and minds are linked. Our thought patterns and emotional lives are linked to our physical expression and our experiences of health and pain. Awareness of the mind-body connection as tool for self-understanding leads to a fuller sense of oneself that honors the messages of the soma, the body.

Often times we go through life unconsciously carrying tension; when we bring our bodies into conscious awareness, the tension can be seen as bodily wisdom with a function. We can step out of the self-perpetuating feedback loop and change the pattern on every interrelated level: muscle, fascia, nervous system, chemical. Coupled with structural bodywork, somatic awareness allows an individual to consciously shift toward a greater sense of well-being.

Movement Education

Our bodies are amazing adapters, taking shape according to how we use them and telling the story of our lives and lifestyle. Habitual movements (work, hobbies, posture) can create expressions within the fascia that can relate to persistent pain and other health conditions.

Through movement education we explore ways to move through life with ease, leading to less pain and more energy. The connection between mind and our movements is studied to learn how the two influence each other, increasing the capacity for ease and presence in daily life.

About Me


  • Certified Structural Integration Practitioner

  • Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) 

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

  • Certified Qi Gong instructor

I also enjoy gardening, playing music, doing tai chi and qi gong, and reading.

My philosophy

The body heals itself when energy is freely flowing. Restrictions in the fascia dam up the flow of lymph, nerves, blood, and energy, which can create issues.

If there's something out of balance in one's life, it will often show up in the body. This could be as pain, numbness, digestive issues, and so on. Finding balance and coming into alignment not only physically but energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually helps us resolve issues and live more full and free lives.

Empowering people with knowledge is vital to me. I meet people where they're at and help them get to where they want to be, remembering "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

My Approach
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