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Your First Visit

When you first come in, we will discuss what brings you in and what your desired outcomes are, whether it's resolving a recent snag or exploring something new. After a brief intake, you can lie down on the table for hands-on treatment. If your issue is specific, plan to dress in such a way I can work with the skin around that area. And depending on your situation, I may reserve time at the end for discussing ergonomics and movement education.

I recommend that you schedule a 75 minute session for your first visit. Though if you know you want more treatment time (90min) or that you want a shorter visit (60min), go with that.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are a great way to experience the many benefits bodywork provides, from regulating the nervous system to addressing acute pain, or simply feeling better. We will discuss together your desired outcomes and use a blend of myofascial techniques, cranial sacral therapy, and massage.

The 10-Series

The 10-session Structural Integration series is a systematic release and reorganization of fascia to re-establish the structural balance of your body. In the series, each session looks at a specific myofascial body region and improves its function and relation to the whole.


Chronic tension and pain dissolve. Movement becomes more fluid in both your physical and emotional life. A comfortable sense of being lifted and supported replaces the stress and strain of carrying your body through life.

Fees and Scheduling

Individual Bodywork Session

$110 for 60 minutes

$125 for 75 minutes

$140 for 90 minutes


8am - 4pm   Monday - Thursday

10am - 3pm   Friday

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